Production End Error - Difference between broken down variance...

Our users are reporting an error when they attempt to end a production order that includes second-quality items and was created from Master Planning. The second-quality items are reported during the Report as Finished update for the production order. Later, when they attempt to update the order to “End”, the attached error is given.

I’m guessing this has to do with the seconds changing the amount of items which were produced, but this is outside of anything I’m currently familiar with. I’m not even sure where to review the “transaction variance” as the error suggests. The users did indicate that they can manually create the production orders (not through Master Planning) and everything works as expected throughout the process, but this is not the ideal workflow. I did not see that process take place.

I’d be grateful for any suggestions, I’m in a little over my head on this one.

Some additional information: It appears this might be somewhat unique to our setup, as we have the possibility of multiple outputs on a production order (first-quality and second-quality), each of which produces an output RPTFIN journal. This could be the reason for the problem with “transaction variance”.

I did also try a production order which was manually entered, and it was able to be finished and ended successfully. Interestingly however, I got the same warning message about the variance, but it did not prevent the production order from ending.

I would suggest you have some kind of third party addition or a customization to handle what you are doing - it is not a standard element (although multiple outputs are possible with co-products from formulas I would suggest you are not using these).

Yes, there certainly is a level of customization there I’m realizing, a third party addition as you suggested. I’m not certain yet how intertwined that is with the problem we’re having, but I’d imagine it’s very related. Still, if anyone has seen something similar, or a suggestion for where to start chasing this down, I’d appreciate it. I’m digging through the code to try to find the problem, but not finding anything that would be generating that error so far.

Thanks for the feedback!

It might help if you state the name of the third party add-on [:D]

Ah - right. :slight_smile: I’m sorry, perhaps I used incorrect terminology (I’m very new to my role with DAX, trying to get my bearings!). There isn’t a particular distinct add-on installed, rather there is additional code added by a VAR. This code provides the seconds-quality output, along with a great deal of other functionality throughout our environment. I realize that makes it pretty hard for anyone to offer help, but I figured I’d give it a shot.

That is no problem :slight_smile: theoretically you should have a documented specification telling you exactly what it does. Failing that you should really talk to your partner as they have knowledge of the code. As you say quite difficult for anyone to help with customised code and pasting chunks of code probably will not help :slight_smile:

Sure, that makes sense. Thanks for the feedback! I’ll post an update if I can uncover some more specifics about the issue and I still need help.

I have determined that the error isn’t actually dependent on production of seconds. The error that is causing the failure to end a production order is the “All costs were not allocated.” error. This occurs whether or not any seconds are recorded, with any production orders created from Master Planning.

Production orders created manually on the ProdTable are able to be ended successfully, regardless of whether or not seconds are produced.

So now I’m chasing down this “All costs were not allocated.” error.

It is still related to the customization and how the costs are allocated to your co-products produced.

Thanks for the help on this issue! I was able to finally track down the cause, and it is rooted in some custom code. For that reason, it wouldn’t be helpful for me to go into specifics here, but I did want to update the thread.