Production data migration

Hi all! I need to know if someone has experienced the merging from navision 2.5 advanced distribution to Navisionattain 3.6. I have a customet who actually has about 300 BOM ( resources + Items) in his Navision Adv. Dist. 2.5 and those items need to be migrate in Attain 3.6 using production Bom and Routings. What are steps needed to do that??? Does the customet need to rebuilt those PBOM in the new version??? Thanks RF

Hi Rosine I doubt there is any Navision routine to enable this, but I have not checked! It looks as though you will have to manually create the routings as you do not refer to them in the 2.5 version. As for the Bills of material the standard BOM is one level in inventory whereas it is multi-level in production. You will also need to consider the header record of the Production BOM as this does not exist in the standard BOM, and your resources in the standard BOM will not be carried across to the Production BOM. You also have the scrap percentage, length, width etc against each line item on the production BOM, as well as the routing link code reference - if you are going to use it. I would guess that nothing standard exists for this and an NSC would take the approach that they would with the conversion of the files from any system into Production BOM’s - but check because as it is Navision to Navision a form of upgrade routine maybe available. I am sure there are other considerations but these should start you off.

Create a procecc to - new Machine center o Work center center by each resource. by each Assamby list (bill of materials) create a new - By each Item with assambly list create a new Production bom and Routing. Update Item fields Routing No. and Production Bom No. by each Assambly line, if it’s item create new Production bom line, and if it’s resource, create new Routing line. Certify Production bom and Routing. Best regards from BCN salut!