Production costing for material consumption is not updated in production posting

Dear ALL,

i have started Production order and posted picking list journal. after posted that, in production posting form cost is not updated against material consumption header.

The following setups are defined in system:

Production parameters: enabled check box for Post picking list in ledger.

cost group is attached for raw material and finished goods.

in cost group type is selected as “Direct materials” behavior is selected as “Variable” and check box is enabled for Default option.

in item group ledger accounts are attached for production.

kindly let me know, if anything needs to be checked in setup and share your input to update cost.

the above is in AX 2012.


What is the costing method of your items and do they have costs?

we are using weighted average costing method and for those items, in item on-hand form weighted average cost is available.

What is the cost on the released product?

What does the production estimate tell you when run?

In released products we have not updated cost. and when do estimate, cost will be zero.

The estimate will be zero if the cost of the released product is zero.

here the issue is after posted picking list journal, current weighted average cost of the item is not updating in production costing.

The system uses the cost on the released product (not true for all but go with it) up until the point of RAF, especially at picking list consumption, and then at the end it removes all of the temporary WIP and posts actuals. The picking list costs are only temporary as they will be reversed and reposted at end. End it - is it still zero?