Production costing - Cost figures differ


I have Ended one Production Order. The cost displayed is as follows

View Price Calculation (Overview costing tab) 346,060.66

Production order tab-- Inventory -Transaction - Cost Amount 346,060.66

View Production posting 685,729.43

I am unable to find out why there is huge difference between the figures displayed on Inventory Transactions and Production posting?


Have you run the cost analysis report to look at the detail?


Are you referring to the report --ANALYSIS --Cost Estimate and Costings?

I ran the report as it is. But the specific Production order which has costing issue is not listed in this report.

One thing i can remember is this particular production order is a Sub-Production. Can this be the reason?


That is the report, and it can be run on any works order, so I am not sure why it would not be available to this report. Is it an individual works order with a works order reference etc.?