Production Cost Modification

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By mistake user has ended the production order, unfortunately cost of finished goods is very less as per actual. How to adjust the cost once production order ended?

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I don’t think it is possible to update after the production order has been ended. In process manufacturing we have something called ‘Rework Batch Order’ which lets you do that.

I think you need to increase the cost of this FG item using Inventory adjustments.

Do you mean remove the quantity from inventory adjustment and get back add in inventory through adjustment. Then what would be offset account?

Adjust the cost through the adjustment process in the inventory close. Alternatively remove and book back in the stock manually - if you used a movement journal the offset could be the inventory account, but you would financially have to decide where you want the “difference” eventually posted but that depends upon what missing elements were not posted and how you want to account for it.

Thanks Adam / Kiran,

This is through movement journal… Is any standard functionality for change item cost in Dynamics AX?


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