Production control journals posting through code.

Hi all,

Can any one help me to create and post production control journals(Picking list, Route card, Report as finished) through code in ax 2012

Dear satya,

Try this code…

ProdJournalCheckPost journalCheckPost;
JournalTransData journalTransData;
ProdJournalTable journalTable = ProdJournalTable::find(‘014613_89’);

Picking list

//journalCheckPost = ProdJournalCheckPostBOM::newPostJournal(journalTable.JournalId,true);


Route card

journalCheckPost = ProdJournalCheckPostRoute::newPostJournal(journalTable.JournalId,true);;



Hi Raghav,

Thanks for your reply. As you suggested code for Posting existing journal, but my requirement is to create new production journal and then posting.