Production BOMS

Hi Is it necessary when creating a production BOM that you also specify the relevant items as assemblies - to create a normal BOM? Thoughts would be appreciated

Hi Fleur If I’m reading correctly, you are refering to the difference between inventory BOMS and manufacturing BOMs? If so, I tend to talk of inventory BOMS as “Assemblies / Kits” - these do not have any integration with production BOMs in manufacturing and can be set-up and used quite independantly. If fact, generally an item would either be part of a sales bom/kit or a production BOM, but not both. Hope this helps… Hope this helps…

Hi Fleur It really depends upon the instructions the shop floor should receive, and the preferences of the production department/drawing office. Ultimately you could have a one level BOM with hundreds or thousands of components, alternatively these can be formalised into sub assemblies. The sub assemblies may or may not be stocked. If they are stocked these could be handled through their own demand, naturally driven by a parent, but this maybe numerous parents if it is a common sub assembly or it may have its own stocking parameters (this naturally affects the flow through of the lower level components). Alternatively the items can be listed on teh original production order in teh BOM, they are shown as sub-assemblies but mainly from an instruction perspective, these are referred to as Production BOM’s in Navision, this is the item type of the Production BOM rather than the Production BOM itself (although it is one[:D]) whereas in general manufacturing terms these are referred to as phantoms - which can be classed as assemblies that are never stocked. If this has confused you further please elaborate on your question and I will try and make my answer more pertinent.


Originally posted by SBWEAVER If this has confused you further please elaborate on your question and I will try and make my answer more pertinent.

Stop scaring people of Steven … [;)]

That’s his own method for not getting almost support calls from customers… as they are scare of getting an answer that will confuse them more… so they try themselves different ways before calling… [:D][;)]

Quite… But thanks …

Also… As part of the Production BOM - there is a non stocked item to be used… This client does not have routings… apart from creating it as a stock item adn having to ensure there are quantities available does anyone have any other ideas?

So I come back in from illness to find my name tarnished![:D] Okay non-stocked items - are you running 3.60 and have you tried non-stocked items? I have not but it maybe an option. Also can you create a BOM with no components and call it as a phantom on the production BOM of the finished article - unsure if this will work as I have never tried it. As for supporting people - I will be defensive - if you do not satisfy a customer they will be upset - if you scare them they will mess the system up (further) - Ultmately if they do not understand they will come back time and time again. Generally though they ask more detailed, specific questions. Sorry for the previous comments - now where is that crying smilie??