Production BOMs not retaining Batch and Location info

From time to time, my production order BOMs will be missing the Batch and Location info after the order has been estimated and scheduled. The BOM itself is always correct, so it isn’t coming from the BOM. We don’t see it until we start production and get error messages that the Batch and Location are missing.

This doesn’t happen very often and I haven’t been able to pinpoint a process or specific user that is always associated with this. Sometimes it comes from planned orders and sometimes it comes from manually scheduled orders. It was happening pretty regularly on one item for a few orders, but that has since stopped and those orders are functioning as intended now. I haven’t seen this issue in a few months, but it happened again yesterday on an order that was created through MRP. Has anyone else seen this happen? I am using AX 2012 RTM.

Does the engineering (not production) BOM line include the site and warehouse, or does it instead have the “resource consumption” box checked? I have seen this occasionally where resource consumption method is used to determine the pick-from site/warehouse and the resource or resource group on the route does not have the default pull-from location information set up correctly.

Hi Chan, I have the Site and Warehouse listed on the BOM and resource consumption is not checked.

Hi Kelly

Is this the finished good or component batch? With the component when is reservation set in the production parameters? If the parent how is the batch group and tracking dimenson configured?

Hi Adam,

This is the component batch. Reservation is set to Manual system wide as we are not using reservations. Within our BOM we have items that are set to Finish and Start flushing principle. The items that are listed as Finish are the items that we have listed the batch and location for standard consumption.

We have the Batch and Location set as a generic location for the consumption to occur.

Our tracking dimension group is Batch/Serial with Batch selected as Active and Physical inventory.

This is not a regular occurrence, and we have been using this process successfully for years. It seems more like a fluke that just randomly shows up and I can’t tie it to anything or anyone.

Hi Kate

The component population of the batch is done by the reservation based upon FEFO, FIFO or whatever you have configured. I am not sure I understand how you would have a batch populated at the component at the point of estimation - are you manually entering it into the ProdBOM to force a pick outside of reservation?

The location is an odd one if you have it defaulted in, I have not seen it not obey the default, especially when it is inconsistent. Are there any customizations in production? I am guessing the data is inconsistent so you cannot tie it to the actual data configuration which eliminates data import etc. Check the user, if it is the same user they could be doing something during the process (although there is not much for them to do at estimation!)

Hi Steve (Sorry, I thought your name was Adam!),

We do have a customization in place where, after the order is scheduled it gets pushed to our MES. I can look into that and see if this is where the issue might be occurring. I have also thought about, but am hesitant to start logging because it can happen so infrequently and at random times. Thanks for your input! I will continue watching the situation.