Production BOM

when creating a new version of Production BOM, and change some of its components, in the version screen shows that the new components is displayed but when going back to the Prodcution BOM and select the latest version of the BOM, the new item is not appearing on the screen. is this a standard bug of the software or it is design as it is.

many thanks! [:)]

You can have several version of production BOM but only one can be active. Is BOM with the lasted component the current active?

yes the the latest version is current active.

Is it certified?

yes the latest version is the only ‘Certified’ version. all of the remaining version were closed. the only problem is the Prodcution BOM screen, it doesn’t display the changes but in the report of issuance of the job the new items are displayed.


The front screen shows you the original BOM, and the version that is currently active. It is true that this can cause confusion as the BOM seen is not the BOM in use. I would not call this a “bug” more of a design feature. It would make sense for this to show the current version, but actually the first BOM is not necessarily the first version, so the two whilst being related are not the same. It is a question of preference, I would prefer to see the current version here, but that may mean everyone goes down a version route, even if they only ever have one, and you never have a base production BOM. You could always request this as an enhancement through the newsgroup.

Hi Adam,

Thanks you very much for your reply. Yeah, it is a bit confusing coz the bom uses the current cersion and yet disply the standard bom of the first set up bom.