Production Bom

Hi all!

I have a customer who works with Manufacturing module and he needs to be able to:

  1. Have history of all versions BOms even after deleting components ( by using the " Delete expired components " routine)
  2. View different levels of BOM not only the full explosion ( when using " quantity explosion of Bom" report)

Where can I found those info? Are there any?



The delete expired items does what it says on the tin, it deletes the items, from the BOM and any BOM versions. If you want to always see the histroy of all BOM versions I would suggest you do not run the routine. Why would you want to run the routine AND see the full history? In other words why are you deleting the components - for what purpose? Of course if you do not define the end date it will not delete the “expired” component and therefore the full history remains.

The report you are running does not allow a level control. The where used in manufacturing view has a multilevel or single level option. If you want a specific level generation report you will need to write this to the requirements of the customer.

Thanks Steven.

In fact , the purpose of that was to be able to keep history of old BOM even if many changes have been done. Yes I agree with you, we shouldnt delete components in that case.