Production BOM Versions

How are the BOM versions accomodated in the planning calcualtion? The system by defaut takes one from the 3 versions I have defined for an item.( All 3 have the same starting date.and all 3 are active.) The lower component demand does not change even if I process the 1st planning request and change the version manually on the simulated Production order line.( BOth with net change and get action messeges option) Has any body encountered this situation? DD

Hi Dharmendra I think it would be unusual to have 3 BOM versions all active with the start date the same, unless you are trying to get the system to do something outside of what would be expected of normal BOM version control. My understanding is if you have 2 BOM versions active it will take the latest start date if it is valid, although I think these can be changed on particular orders (I think this is where you can select the correct version in the production order detail lines - and maybe applicable for your requirement). I have not run this through from the planning perspective - have you tried it with a planned rather than a simulated order?

Hi Steven, Not tried that yet. My requirement is somewhat different.The BOM as well gives output to another finished item apart from the parent one.(Which I have maintained as a negative quantity on the BOM line.) And the versions I have maintained are for different combination selections where in the system is supposed to respond as per the demands of both the finished items.(By selecting the versions.) I know this can not be out of the box ( As the system will not consider the negative BOM quantity of another finished item as a planned output.But this would be only for the first run with nil stocks.Later on at least stocks will be considered.) (This was another topic i wanted to put in after this.) Any way, Thanks for the reply.I am considering the simplest customizations for this client to serve to his particular needs. Regards, DD

Hi DD, IF you are trying to use the BOM for a scenario with By-Product then, look for a specific Process Manufacturing Add-on to do this. Although, the inserting of a Negetive Qty on the BOM lines will seem to do the work, there is a lot of things you need to worry about. Viz, Costing, Planning of this BY product. As far as the Versions, In principle you can have any number of version with the same starting date. Then the system will get the Last version sorted by the Version Number.

Hi Dharmendra, As has been observed, variant configuration is not possible. That is there is no provision to assign different versions of BOMs and Routings for different variants of an Item. Had it been possible, you would have created different variants of an Item and assigned relevant versions of BOMs and/or Routings. And during planning process, relevant BOMs and Routings would have participated. However, that is not possible. Now, as you said, it should be possible only with Customization. Ragards. Kashinath