Production BOM , Qty Explosion of BOM, Phantom BOM


when i entry Production BOM Line with Type = Production BOM , No = P00010

Then i view report Qty Explosion of BOM, why there is error msg like this : “Item No. ‘P00010’ doesn’t exist”. But when i change the production BOM Line with one of Item No, ex = 1130,the report works. have any idea?

From help, it says that something related to Phantom BOM. What is Phantom BOM

Is PO00010 the BOM number or the Item Number? This will obviously work with the item number of the line.

A Phantom is a manufacturing process where the item is not stocked and the item is blown through and the component parts are required, not simply a sub-level production order. The line of the BOM will be Production BOM and not item.

It’s BOM No. I choose type = Production BOM

I believe this is just a slight confusion of your understanding of the report based upon the structure of your BOM, but it is not clear, can you define the BOM here, then how you are running the report and what you are expecting?

what nav version are you using?

is it a standard report or it was modified?

i suppose the report was modified

BOM NO 1700 :
Item : 1710
Item : 1720
Production BOM : 70108

BOM NO 70108 :
Item : 80100
Item : 80101

In Item Card, Item 1700 using Production BOM No 1700
But when i run Qty Explosion of BOM for Item 1700. The error message is : “Item No 70108 doesn’t exist”. why this can be error?

Interesting - so how have you defined 70108 in BOM 1700? 70108 must be an ITEM, the phrase “Production BOM” in the Production BOM does not mean a “Production BOM” it means it is a “Phantom” so it blows through the top level item and picks up the constituent parts. For this to work you must have item 70108 in the system, OR the item using BOM 70108 must be used in the “item no” field when defining the type as Produciton BOM.

So go to your item list - does item 70108 exist - no, because the explosion report is already telling you that - so how on earth did you define the entry in the item code field when it is not an item? Did you data convert this information into the system?

so, what is the diffference between the two types (item and ProdBom)? if 70108 is already an item, why do i have to chose it as a ProdBOM? What is the effect of choosing it as a ProdBOM?

If 70108 was an item and on the BOM line it was set to item the planning system would check for stock, if there was none it would suggest a works order for you to make some more.

If 70108 was a production BOM (Phantom) it means you never make or stock 70108, when the system is planning it will “blow through” the “item” 70108 and suggest the component parts.