Production BOM - One item, makes two other items

Up to this point we have used production orders to create one item from multiple other items. Now a vendor has changed two items on us and now just send us one. Our customers don’t need to buy in that quantity so I need to receive the kit form the vendor and split it up. So 1 kit A will yield 12 of item B and 4 of item C. What is the best way of doing this? We can also sell Kit A. I know I could do an item journal and negative adjust Kit 1, and positive adjust B and C. Just was thinking their might be a better way. Thoughts? Thanks.


Hello Jason,

I’m afraid not in standard NAV. This would be like a reverse Sales BOM. The easiest way to do this is posting the disassembly in an Item Journal. You have no planning features this way, though. Depending on how many disassembly orders you have, a customization or the use of an Add-On might be recommended. To make this foolproof and workable with standard requisition the effort will be considerable ( > 20 days as a first guess).

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Thank you