Production BOM of lower level item

Dear all, I need your help to make me able to write a special field consists of production BOm line of a subassembly of a parent item. I have created that field in the production BOM line table but if I selected a sub assembly item in the no. field of production BOM, the production BOM field is automatically filled, that is same as unit of measure code. Pls let me know…tks a lot rgds, Mark

Hi Mark I do not understand your issue but it sounds like you are modifying the Production BOM. I would suggest you post this in the developer forum and describe what you are trying to achieve, what you have done and where your issue is.

Hi Steven, I am thankful for your prompt and warm reply. I will send to the developer forum. I need to modify production BOM but I await if maybe another this forum member can have the answer. rgds, mark