Production BOM Item being incorrectly costed at zero


My client uses FIFO costing and implemented NAV 1 year ago. I was not part of the implementation team and my experience working with BOMs has been in a Standard Costing environment so not familiar with the behaviour of NAV in FIFO. After working properly for months, Items for which there is a production BOM are suddenly sometimes being costed at zero.

Both the components on the BOM and the finished product itself (Production BOM Item) are FIFO costed.

I would like to know if anyone has ever seen this before, the possible cause and how to fix.

Thanks so much.

Ok, figured part of this out by myself… Looks like BOM cost is not being updated in the Production Order and a Consumption Journal is not being posted for the component Items therefore the Output Journal is being posted at zero unit cost. Digging deeper, there appears to be a problem when User tries to post the Consumption Journal. The system would say " Location Code should equal " on line 40000" - this of course makes absolutely no sense. To humor system, in my test scenario, I deleted the location code on line 4 and tried to post again. System comes back now and says “Location Code can not be blank in line 40000”.

BOMs are single level - no complexity. Any thoughts would be appreciated.