Production BOM and BOM

Hi all,

I had a small confusion between production BOM and Bill of materials which is there in the item master…Item card Item–>Assembly List–>Bill of materials. so can you please help me out when to use which bill of materials

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Bill of Materials is a kit, made of two or more items which you are selling together. It has nothing to do with production. You cannot have a production BOM and a Bill of Materials for the same item. To assemble a bill of materials you just go in the store, pick the listed items and pack them together.

I hope I managed to explain… not sure, actually [8-)]

I also give it a try [:)] :

-Item card Item–>Assembly List–>Bill of materials : this is a sales BOM. It is used in the sales orders. In it it can also be exploded in its components. The production does NOT use this.

-Prodcution BOM : this one is used when using production orders.

hey Anna, be carefull, in the US version of 5.00 (and soon I believe to come to W1 version) Kits is functionality that uses the Production BOM instead of (as we would have assumed) the Assembly BOM. So now we have:

  • Assembly BOMS.
  • Kits
  • Production BOMS.

Just so we can all be confused.

thanks for ur reply…

Ooops! Sorry, I used the word just because I couldn’t think of a better one to express my thought. [A] I wasn’t aware that there is somewhere a specific application for kits.