Production, and Sales order Query

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I have Three Questions as Below.

  1. How to Return Material to Store which is Issued for Production, Production consumption Kept Manual so Sometimes Picking up More Material for Fast Moving Items. so at the End of Production How can we Return the Material.

  2. How to Return Material or Cancel order if the material is Delivered to Customer but Invoice is not Made.

  3. In Sales Order net Price is Suppose Rs 1,00,000 for 10 Items, now Customer Negotiate and He Ask for Rs 90,000 on Sales order, How to do that. it is not Discount , it is overall reduction on sales order for Rs 10,000, and also need to Display this reduction in Print. How to do this.

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  1. It depends how you issue it. In AX this would be consumed through the picking list journal so you would create a negative line on a new journal. How this mirrors your process is up to you.

  2. Deliver now a negative quantity

  3. It is a discount, enter it as a manual discount. Enter 90000 and let the system do the rest. Otherwise manually overtype the unit price, but then you cannot show the reduction you have given which is an ad hoc manual discount.

  1. once the journal is Posted, You can not update it. i tried posting negative qty but the Error Says, It is not possible to update posted journal.

  2. But Delivery Status Remains the Same, i want delivery status to be Canceled.

  3. on the Print it will show as discount price, but i don’t want to show it as discount, can be possible as Reduction, and also Discount is in Percentage, i want it in General on whole sales order.

  1. I said you create a new journal.

  2. That is different, you cannot do that as standard once it is delivered from an AX perspective.

  3. That is a business issue not system, you are offering a discount, if you want it to print differently then you need to modify the system to handle the requirements and the print. It is however ultimately a discount from the agreed price, which ever way you say it.

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