Production and Projects modules integration

I want to transfer project’s info into my production order.

Let’s say I have a project with a couple of activities. In my SO I attach the project, category, transaction ID (retrieved from project’s activity) and activity in the SO line (under Other tab).

After that I run master scheduling and approve the planned production order.

In the Production orders form when I check for a field that consists information about the project, I cannot find them. However, when I check all fields (Right-click → Record info → show all fields), the fields exist, but they do NOT have any value.

I’ve checked if the same fields exist in the Master planning module, but it seems they do not.

So my question is: Is there any way to transfer the project information through master planning to production/purchase orders?

I’ve checked all available options and parameters, but it seems there is no such option to include this information through the master planning. Am I missing something?

I think it will show the project details on the production order form only when you directly create a production order from Project.

The IEM module has expanded into Production and Projects, but if you do not have this your options in standard are pretty limited from memory.