Production Accounts Setup

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Can anyone till me what is the correct setup for the accounts under the production tab in the items group form, i need to use bill of material to create an offer from items from different groups.

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There will be two groups in the production tab of Item Groups.

Items In Process - Use this If you want to post the consumption and estimated production cost when your production is under process or before completion

Picking List and Picking List offset accounts - The cost of the raw materials used in the picking list of the production of the will be posted to these accounts when the picking list is posted.

Report As Finished and offset accounts - The estimated cost of production will be posted to this accounts when the production order is reported as finished.

Costing - This will post the Actual consumption and Inventory Costs when the production order is completed - Ended

When the production order is ended the above entries will be reversed.

Issue and Issue Offset accounts - The actual consumption will be posted to this accounts. The Issue account will be credited(Mostly the Inventory Account), the Offset will get debited(Mostly the Consumption account)

Receipt and Receipt Offset accounts - The actual cost of production items will be posted to these accounts (It may include the overhead cost - if applied) - The receipt account account will get debited (Mostly the Inventory Account) and offset account will get credited.

Note : the posting into Items In process accounts will depend on many parameters.

The post physical inventory in the Inventory Model Group is to be enabled.

The post picking list and post Report As finished in Ledger Prodcuction Parameters are to be enabled

Hi Kranti

can u tell me which account will come in

“Picking List and Picking List offset accounts” and “Report As Finished and offset accounts”

Actually my client want following scenario:

dr working progress

cr inventory-item group

(in case of draw rwa material for production)


dr finish good inventory

cr work progress