Product Variant Cost Prices


I am using AX 2012.

When using a product master with price variants, is it possible to have the variants auto-populate in the item price form, or something of that nature?

The situation:

I have a shirt product master with configuration, size, color, and style dimensions. I want to only maintain the cost at the size level, however, in the item price form, it tells me I must select a configuration, size, color, and style for each line I would like to create a cost for. My variants equate to hundreds of different possibilities and this would be much too time consuming to enter in each line individually.

Is there a way to maintain the cost of the item for just one of the product variants??

Thank you,


Hello Mike,

When having all the dimensions active for product, we can’t select only one product dimension to maintain the cost in AX 2012 Item price form. However to get these fields auto-populated, you could consider using Release product variants master from Release product details\Product master\Release product variants and choose your particular variant by size and then define the cost price using Related information=> Price option. This will open Item price form with all dimensions filled-in.