Product Requisition Form


How to create new records in purchase requisition form…while am creating a new records in purchase requisition name but Requisitioner field is Not editable mode…it should be displayed based on the Requisition name …Am Entered Purchase Requisition Name but Reqisistioner not displayed…what is the problem in it…Can you help me how to create new records…Dynamics Ax 2009… Thanks in Advance…

You’ve asked in the Developer forum. How is your question related to development? Or should it be moved to the End User forum?

By Mistake wrongly posted …

Moved to the End User forum.

Unfortunately I don’t have any AX 2009 environment on-hand, nevertheless could you explain me one thing?

You said:

  • Requisitioner field is Not editable mode
  • Reqisistioner not displayed

Is the problem that the field is hidden or displayed but not editable?

Hi Martin,

Field is displayed but the related employee id was not displayed in that field…

Have you established the relationship between the user and employee?

If the user is linked with the employee then only you will see the employee name displayed there. Go to users> select user> click relations and give the employee ID.