Product registration in D365

Dear all,
I need to register a product in Dynamics but I don’t know how to do it because the situation is as follows:
I have a chemical product (SDIC56) that has 3 variants of it

I would have to register the master product and these 3 variants, but when selling the product I can sell it in 9 types of packaging (BAG 500kg, Plastic drum 50kg, BAG1000kg, etc. How do I do this when registering the product to that later I can sell it that way?
can anybody help me?

To register a product with variants and packaging options in Dynamics, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a master product record for SDIC56 in Dynamics. You can include basic information about the product such as its name, description, and any applicable certifications or regulations.
  2. Create variant products for each of the 3 variants of SDIC56. You can do this by creating a new product record for each variant and linking it to the master product record using the “Product Variant” field. In each variant product record, you can specify any unique characteristics of that variant such as the concentration or particle size.
  3. Create product dimensions for the different packaging options. In Dynamics, you can set up product dimensions to represent different attributes of a product such as color, size, or packaging type. Create a new product dimension for packaging and add each of the 9 packaging options as values for that dimension.
  4. Create product attribute values for the packaging dimension. For each variant product, you can specify the available packaging options by creating product attribute values for the packaging dimension and linking them to the variant product using the “Product Variant” field. This will allow you to track inventory and sales data for each packaging option.
  5. Set up product prices and inventory for each combination of variant and packaging option. Using the product variants and attribute values you’ve created, you can set up prices and inventory levels for each combination of variant and packaging option.

By following these steps, you should be able to register the SDIC56 product with its variants and packaging options in Dynamics and sell it in the different packaging options you’ve identified.