Product Receipt Posting Error.....

Dear All

When I post the product receipt I am getting an error like “The transactions on voucher do not balance as per 5/11/2013. (accounting currency: 2,000.00 - reporting currency: 2,000.00)

My base currency and reporting currency is AED.Penny difference i have tried even with .10 and 1.00

Then also getting same error…

Can anyone help me about this problem?


Please check the exchange rate set up and also navigate INV/General ledger/Area page/setup/ledger and check the accounting currency and reporting currency. The above error signifies either you are trying to post inter company ledger posting or providing imbalance value in between credit and debit values. Because while posting system generates two vouchers in which debit value should equal to credit value for balance sheet.For intercompany they will generate 4 vouchers and also checks the Accounting currency and reporting currency of each company.

For eg :

In debit : 200 USD Account : (xyz)

offset account: (lmy) credit : 200 USD( or 100 GBP if exchange rate 1 GBP = 2 USD)

Best Regards,

Jagannath Tripathy