Product (Item) Version in AX 2012

Guys, can we create product version for an item in AX 2012.

If yes, please let me know how.



It really depends on your definition of “version” here and what you want to achieve - just a different config/BOM or stock differentiation on hand etc.

Adam - Like a BOM item with multiple BOM versiona, Is it possible for a normal item without any variant to have multiple versions?

One more question.

what is the use of warehouse item functionality. Why do I need to set an item as a warehouse item?

Yes an item can have multiple versions, you then select the one you want on the sales or production order.

Warehouse items store elements per warehouse, and also impact on the counting journal and active counts.

Thanks Adam.

Can you please specify where do I create these version in AX?

Against the item you have a BOM - go to the BOM area and create a new BOM. Couple of ways in. However as indicated this would show you no difference anywhere else (stock, sales etc) same item but a different “version” of BOM - nothing more.