Product Examples

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In AX 2012 , we have the product and Product Master .

I am very clear about the product Master and examples , but not clear about the Product.

MS Manual says about the Product

A uniquely identifiable product. It serves as a core product that does not vary; therefore no product dimensions can be associated with the definition.

Do you think in the real world product exist without dimensions ?

Could any one give an example for Product ?

Hi All ,

Any inputs from pioneers ?

Hi lally,

Products are the items that do not have any variations associated with them. For example, items like OS (Operating System DVD), Softwares etc which cannot be measured in any dimensions.

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Hi Parashar ,

Thanks for the reply .

But as you know that when it comes to software products also has the versions like 2.0 , 3.0 , 4.0 , these we can update in Product master it self . ( by changing the Name of the color , Size )

Am i correct ?

Hi Lally,

More specifically, Those items which are fixed and cannot be changed comes under Product. I am giving u some examples like: One-day cricket ball. Its Colour (White) & weight remains fixed all time. So its a product. But if u take an example of a Cricket bat, then its a Product Master bcoz it differs in weight and length.

Take another example like 1 litre oil box. it doesnot matter what the colour of the box is. Then take example of a screw. A screw is a product master. But when we define a 2 inch screw in the list then it becomes a product.

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