Product configurator

Hi all, Im trying to find a good and user frindly product configurator sytstem developped by an NSC and integrated with Navision. Thanks.

Check out e-con from foqus-ict at Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

It looks good!!! Thanks

Good Morning Dave, Are you using E-Con?

No, I’m not using e-con, but I’ve seen it demoed several times and have talked with the Foqus folks at Navision meetings. The product looks good and I think they have enough installs that a prospective user should be able to talk to several sites for reference information. My only caution is that they have recently changed their support model and I have some reservations about what they’ve done there. Before finalizing a decision, I would also carefully check out the support firm you would be working with.

Hi Rosine SimCrest also offers a configurator, please visit their website for an online demo and whitepapers etc.