Product Configurator for 3.6

I wish to know if there is a SA add-on for Navision. I am looking for a “product configurator” that can be used on inventory as well as manufacturing. Thys Buitendag 011 784 5000

Check out simcrest’s add-on, it has a live demo as well. is the US: 972-770-4650

Check out the e-Configurator from Watermark Innovations. We’re the knowledge center for it here in Canada and it’s really a great tool.

the configurator from Watermark (formerly Foqus)indeed is the best solution available at the moment for this purpose. It is sold worldwide, I have seen it live in the Netherlands: it was good.

Hi Thys, We use eCon from Watermark as configurator for our make-to-order items (industrial enclosures assembled with cable glands, terminal blocks, connectors and other electronics), and it works great. It automatically creates item, routing, BOM, dimensions, Item Category Code, Product Group Code and so on. We do not use it for configuring anything else, but with the appropriate connectors it is also possible to configure customers, sales orders, service orders and so on.

I would also highly recommend the Watermark eCon product.

Does anyone know if the Watermark eConfigurator is available in the US? If so, is contact information available. Thank you,

Katherine, Send your request for information to:

We are an authorized eCon (Watermark) Solution Center in the U.S. It is a great tool.

For everyone who is looking for e-Con, the sales and product configurator for Navision and Axapta please contact Watermark Innovation at or You can also send me an email for further specific information, please send to Wouter Gijsbertsen Watermark Innovation The Netherlands. Phone +31.318544900 email: