Product Configuration Model

Hello all,

I am looking to find the maximum load a model can currently take. My company sells a highly configurable product.

The models will have a maximum of 19000 BOM Line Items, 835 Attributes.

Looking at the current models we have I created a Test model to see if you product was compatible with AX.

There is a root component with the following criteria;

  • 300 Attributes
  • 150 Constraint Tables
  • 6 Sub Components (which in turn have 10 attached to each of them)
  • 1800 Pass down calculations (to pass attribute values down)
  • 0 Bom Lines.

Overall Model has, all the attributes in each subcomponent, constraints on the root components immediate children, ;

  • 18000 Attributes Total
  • 19800 Pass down Calculations
  • 1050 Constraints Tables
  • 18000 total BOM Lines.

The results were disastrous. It took 15 minutes to open the model in a sales order, the Constraint tables did not activate, they had a curved blue arrow on them drop down menus, and there was a 2 second lag on each choice being answered.

My main questions to anyone reading this would be;

  • Have you seen functioning product configuration models of this size?
  • Is there a better way to have attributes in a child component inherit the values better?
  • What sizes does your company currently use?
  • Is it hardware issues rather than software?