Product Attribute Creation

Hi All,

I want to create new form like ‘ProductAttributes’ form to create the new product attributes…How can I acheive this…?

Please sugeest me…

Why cannot you use the existing and what will be the difference between new and the existing form?
Form AOT name please?

HI Kranthi,
form name is EcoResAttributeValue

Hi Kranthi,
I have added new and delete control…I want to make the Name field as lookup with attribute name and type…After selecting the name the type(DataType) should be auto populated…The I have to assign value for that attribute.

For that purpose you may not need a new form, you can modify the existing.

I want to customize this form only by using duplicate…

Then, what is stopping you to do that?

For the existing it will updates the values correctly…How Can I add new one and update the value by using new button…?

While creating new record and updating the attribute you may have to insert the records into the related tables…/product-attributes-creation

Hi Kranthi,

Thanks for ur reply…I have duplicated the form and created one new table…How can I enable and validate the value against the attribute type…?

Please see the below screenshot…

\Data Dictionary\Tables\EcoResValue\Methods\compareTo
All the tables are extending table EcoResValue has same method and type specific implementation.
Example - \Data Dictionary\Tables\EcoResBooleanValue\Methods\compareTo

Hi Kranthi,
Thanks for ur reply…As you suggested I have customized the existing form…To add the attribute to category I have used the okBtnClicked() method form the form EcoResCategoryAttribute…