Produced qty is more than started qty


I have situation where in a production order, the final product is more than the quantity started. And, I know that this is due to one of the process in my route that a large piece is cut into many small pieces and often times there is scrap percentage that varies on operater. Some are more efficient than others…as always the case. At the production order reported as finish state, we always face posting challenges due to this variations.

In the past, what I have done is reset the job and re-start with the qty that I need to receive or found the perfect scrap percentage mix. But, I have not been lucky enough to make this work by using the scrap percentage mix in route card.

Is there different way or yet better way to handle this?

Your advise is greatly appreciated.

Hello Bishnu, when you select Report as finish for your production order, in the General tab you will find a check field “Accept error:” by selecting this check box the system will let you report as finished a greater quantity than started.


Hello Hector,

Thanks for quick reply. I have tried that before too and it did work. But, I was not sure how the costing for production item would flow if choosen this option. Can you give you insight.


Well I was not very sure of the costing impact also, at the beginning I thought that this field would allow some “costing error” but I tested many production orders into a test environment, with different items and quantities reported from the starting update to the close of the order, and all the transactions posted were ok there were no costing errors for the orders that reported more quantity than started, the behaviour was the same from a costing perspective than for the other orders, it just let you report more quantity than started, as you mentioned, in cases that the yield of the order was better than the standard. Hope have been of help to you.


Yes, this does. Thanks for the quick response Hector.