[ProdPickList] generates empty pages when the journal line item fills up to 9 pages

Hello everyone,

There might be a problem with [ProdPicklist] SSRS, as when there are dozens of Bom items includeded in a single Pick list journal, the SSRS generates empty pages in the end. Initially, I thought that was a margin setting problem, but no matter how I reduce the margin, the empty pages still show up in the end when the SSRS is saved to PDF format. And I noticed there are empty sections generated after the line items are printed out. And, with the number of Bom line items increasing in a single produnction picking list, the empty section grows accordingly. So, when it reaches about 8 pages with contents showing, it attaches a empty space.

I even set the borders to be shown, and it turns out nothing visible is there, but the border line of Table_1 increases and flows to the next page.

Does anyone have any idea what could be the reason? It’s like this:

-1- Single page up to less than 8 pages(about less than 40 BOM lines items in total), it works fine; (I checked the MS vanila box, it only has the cases where the BOM lines of 6 max, which wouldn’t have the problem.)

-2- 11 page case, the empty pages showing up as the 10th and 11th page: http://screencast.com/t/Mtfv9Zfn

Anyone has any idea?

Thank you,