ProdJournalTable - CreatedBy field is not visible in Table


I have enabled “CreatedBy” in ProdJournalTable. System is updating this field properly. But in AOT, if I look at the table fields, this field is not visible.

Why i am asking is i wish to achieve this

  1. All Route cards created by the same userID only should be visible to normal users

  2. But if a user has PRODUCTION MANAGER role, then he can see all route cards.


system fields such as CreatedBY, RecId, Modified by not be visible in the Table under Data dictionary node.
It would be available when you add it on forms. We could access the fields by using table buffer. Eg: table_buffer.CreatedBy

Why not create a User Group for Production Manager, create a Journal name specific for that role’s use. On the Journal name, set the Blocking > Private for user group to that new user group.