Prod. Order Comp. and Routing report customization


I want a field from item ledger entry to be displayed in the body of Prod. order line

But this Item Ledger Entry table is not attached to this report so how to acheive this plzzzzzzz help me

I want Unit of measure code field from item ledger entry whose value to be displayed in prod. order Line body


Have you undergone/ taken basic navision development training or atleast gone through Application Designer’s Guide (w1adg.pdf)?

I agree with Raj about your request.

Have you completed any training or looked at any of the product documentation?

IF not then do it now.

Then look at some of the standard reports and find out how they work.

Good luck.

ILE is the record variable for Item Ledger Entry Table

IF “Prod. Order Line”.“Prod. Order No.” = ILE.“Prod. Order No.”



i := “Unit of Measure Code”

i is the code variable to hold Unit of measure Code

And i have placed a text box and tried to display but not getting the result.

How to do this.

My exact require ment is for the prod. order number of prod. order line table i want to retrieve the unit of measure code for entry type = OUTPUT of finished quantity in item ledger entry table.

The code will be:


ILE.SETRANGE(“Prod. Order No.”,“Prod. Order Line”.“Prod. Order No.” );

ILE.SETRANGE(“Item No.”,“Prod. Order Line”.“Item No.” );


and display ILE.“Unit of Measure” in your report