Process oriented customization IN Project Module

HI All
I have a process oriented customization from our client.
The required customization in a ax 2009 project accounting module.
Standard Functionality:
Projects (T&M and Fixed Price) can be created from the project quotation to respective customer.

Procedure: Create a Project Quotation

  1. To get started click Project, and then click Project quotation details.

  2. Create a new project quotation by clicking the New button or pressing CTRL+N.

  3. Fill in the business relation information and any related date information and select OK.

  4. Create the forecasted transactions. The transactions on the lines can be any of the following transaction types:
    § Hour
    § Expense
    § Item
    § Fee
    § On-account

  5. The Category must also be filled in. If a standard price is assigned to the category the price will automatically fill in.

  6. A total for the whole quotation can be found by clicking the Inquiries button and selecting Totals.

  7. Click Update and select Quotation to generate a quotation form to send to a customer.

  8. Once the quotation is accepted or lost, click the Update button and select either Confirmation to say the order is accepted and print a confirmation or Quotation lost to indicate that the customer did not accept the quote.
    Transferring a Project Quotation to a Forecast
    Once the quotation is accepted, it can be used to either create a new project or add to the forecast of an existing project. There are several advantages of doing this:
    § The quotation transfer function brings the quotation lines into the project as forecast lines.
    § The list of transactions that consist of both the quotation and the forecast must be created one time only.
    Procedure: Convert a Quotation to a Project
    Use the following process to convert the quotation lines to a forecast.

  9. Click the Updates button and select Link/transfer to project.

  10. Choose whether to create a new project or to transfer the forecast to an existing project.

  11. If transferring to an existing project, select the project number. If creating a new project, enter the project information. For this example, choose to create a new project.

  12. Click the check box to transfer the quotation to a project forecast.Select the appropriate forecast model.

  13. Click the check box to include any item lines in the quote in item requirements for the project.

  14. Click Finish to create the new project.
    The new project is now available in the project screen and the quotation lines are available in the project forecast.

Customization Requirement
Projects (Investment and T&M) can be created from the project quotation to respective Vendor or Internal.
1. Create a Project Proposal (Quotation)
2. Transferring a Project Proposal to to a Forecast
3. Convert a Proposal to a Project( Investment or T&M)
Functional Modifications
The standard functionality only allows T&M and Fixed price project type to convert it as a project and also validations exist each time. But as per our requirement it should allow to convert as investment project and we need remove the validations.