Process industry in sure step

I was looking in the trainning partner source, a webinar that says it was published on February 3, 2012 about “Selling and Implementing in the Process Industry with Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step” that link guides you to a presentation made by Bob Jung (support analys-Fullscope) and Chandru Shankar (director-Microsoft Services) during the presentation they are showing a Sure Step version that can be seen at the bottom part (Platform, Content en-US, which seems to be even older than the one I have installed. The thing is that all the process industry addendums they are showing (after minute 30 more or less), mainly the documents, questionnairs, are not in current versions of Sure Step. Where can I found them? Can they be downloaded from somewhere and apply to actual Sure Step? Many thanks for any input!

They publish them here I believe, but it is not conclusive and I cannot see them so they are not released I guess, ask MS?

I found some process industry documents here Steve, so far so good. Thanks a lot!