Proceeding our project

Hi, Well, we’d be happy that a decision has been made. I pointed out to you earlier that we’ve had some problems with our original NBC. Now we’ve chosen a new one, which will establish a new sales office next May in our neighborhood. We’re proceeding with the project - only with 1.5 week delay. That is very promising, but I must confess that I really was afraid my boss would cancel the whole thing, just because he couldn’t trust any NBC, just on the experiences he has had the last 3 weeks. Hopefully we will complete the project before the summer vacation start. I am very pleased the way our software engineers have coped with their problems in the NBC. They found a new employer and I think that they’re happy with him (maybe it’s a her [;)]) SO far my report… when there will be certain activities that should be told, you’ll be hearing from me [:D] By the way, I like the Dutch term “voortschrijdend inzicht” very much… how do you describe it in English ? I think a way like : N.A.V.I.S.I.O.N. : Normally All Visions Initiate Solutions Indirectly On Navision [:p]