procedure for generating the subcontracting production order

Hi All,

How can i generate a subcontracting production order? waht are the setups or prerequisitions required ? Explain the work flow in detail.

Hi Prakash,

This toipic discussed before see this link,

You get a good example defined for you step by step in the production manual, follow this through first.

hi Rajkumar,

Thanks for replying, but i need the setup to update the subcontracting orders.i.e., if am process the subcontracting orders that orders is not updating in the subcontracting work details.(In AX 2009, Production>common forms>subcontracting work details).


Look at the advanced filter on that form and check your orders meet the pre-set criteria. Also it depends what you mean by “updating” and this is a completely different question to the one you asked.