problems with "Sales-Quote to Order" codeunit

Hello, I am developping an alternative for the Commerce portal. everything works fine at last . We decided only allow inserting Quotes by customers using the website, and not allowing to insert Salesorders directly. Employees from the company can convert the quote to a salesorder. Converting is done by the codeunit named : “Sales-Quote to Order” We use a 2nd Database for the website, running on SQL Server 2000. When something is changed in Navision, we use the triggers to keep this database up to date by synchronizing the database, using the same technology as the commerce portal, by using the message queue. Since the operation which converts a quote to a salesorder uses the codeunit Sales-Quote to Order, no triggers will run, and still, records from the “Sales header” table are deleted and inserted. I looked into the codeunit and changed after every “modify” “delete(all)” and"insert" : “(TRUE)” Then I tried again to convert a quote to a salesorder, but it didnt work, because of running some triggers. So before the triggers will not being fired, and thus my 2nd database will not be synchonized. After modifying the codeunit, trigers will run, but it will give some conflicts, and it will not be possible to convert a quote into a salesorder. Maybe someone knows how to modify the “Sales-Quote to Order” unit the way it can serve both purposes… Thanks in advance, Eko Krebbers

Well… Why don’t you try a simplier approach? 1) Create on the sales header table a function that will take an order and synchronize it on your SQL table. 2) On the codeunit Sales-quote to order, end the process by calling that function. Keep it easy… and it may work :slight_smile: