Problems with Posting Checks


I have the following problem:
I entered a new vendor and item into my accounts. Then i ordered the item, posted the order and after i received the order (with invoice) i posted the receipt and the invoice. Now i want to pay my invoices by check. I filled all the necessary data in the Purchase journal line and printed the check (which i have to do in order to post the purchase). A second line now appears in the Payment Journal which is the bank balancing line. Then when i am going to post the check i receive this error:

‘Document NO. must be G04001 in Gen. Journal Line Journal Template Name=…’

I tried to solve the problem by myself but couldn’t figure out where i am making the mistake.

I appreciate every kind of help from this forum.



Hi Lospet, you have a No. Series defined for that payment Journal. Either make the Document No G04001 or go to the batch and remove the No. Series…Paul

Ok i got the problem…

I changed the last check No to G04000 in the Bank account card posting tab.
The next time i printed the check Navision automatically defined the check number as G04001 and i was able to post the check.

thank you very much Paul