Problems with ODBC Navision Attain 3.6

Hello [:(] I have problems to import data from Navision Attain into SQL Server 2000. To import data we use DTS and for the connection to the Navision db we use ODBC. Two problems: 1. In the DTS-wizard step ‘Select Source Tables and Views’ when I select the table ‘Contact’ the displayed fields are not equal to the same table displayed in Navision. When I click ‘Preview’ no records a shown. 2. When I select an other table e.g. ‘Item’ and go through the wizard I get an DTS import/export error: “Column names must be unique. Column ‘xyz’ is specified more than once”. Looking in Navision the column names are unique! Starting Microsoft Access and linking a table with the same ODBC most of the tables are displayed twice, and some three or four times. Choosing a table I get the error message: “Cannot define field more than once”. Back to SQL/DTS: Not all tables perform errors when importing them. Some system/software info: Navision: BE 3.60 OS Servers (Navision db & MS SQL Server): Windows 2000 CODBC version: MDAC on SQL Server: 2.7? Can you please help me solving this problem? Hans

Quick note on what is displayed=== you will not see flow fields=== In native Navision, verify which table you are looking at from the Contact List. Go into design mode on the contact list and look at the source tablename of the form. You may be looking at a customized version. That may solve your problem right there. Also you can look at the Database Information in Native Navision and look at the number of records in the Contact Table. Is it populated? Also, do you have more than 1 company in your database? ========= The DTS Column Name problem: Look at all of the Captions and Caption translations for the columns. I have seen this error due to captions.

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Thanks for your relpy, but I don’t understand it all I’m afraid? 1. What do you mean by “Quick note on what is displayed=== you will not see flow fields===”? 2. What do you mean by ‘Contact list’? Do you mean the table ‘Contact’, ID 5050? 3. In the table Contact are more than 1000 records, is that what you mean? 4. Yes we have more than 1 company in the database. In the ODBC we have already defined this. I will wait for further answers/instructions. Hans