Problems with nil value sales invoices

We occasionally have to send free samples to customers and require to issue invoices for Customs purposes. While the invoices seem to post ok, the problem arises when you try to post the next value invoice. The entry numbers seem to be disrupted possibly as a result of stock items being released with no value attached. Has anyone else encountered this problem and found a solution? Our current version is 3.01.A.

Hi, Can you post an example?

Sorry Rajesh, the last time this happened was 2 months ago. At the moment we issue value invoices without taking the stock out of Navision but make it clear that the value is shown for Customs purposes only. We then create an internal credit note. We mainly export to the USA and without these invoices Customs will not let the goods through. The danger with this of course is that the customer pays us in error!

Hi Malcolm Have you had this modified? I ask as producing zero invoices is not a known issue. I presume you have modified the system to produce a value invoice and credit memo without affecting stock - or do you issue it to a GL account. Also what happens to the stock? You have sent it out but Navision still thinks you have it. The value will have no affect on the posted invoice number in my experience, but then it is 3.01A which I am not overly familiar with - but I would be surprised.

Thanks Steven Our system has not been modified - we use the G/L chart no. and not the item category. To avoid problems we remove the required items from Navision by journal entry in advance but tryimg to release them through the issue of a nil value invoice caused our problem 2 months ago.