Problems with NF2.6 running on server

Hi! I’m having problems with NF2.6 runing on Win2000 server. Somehow I can’t change anything after reinstaling Win2000… but I get NF2.6 error that I do not have rights. BR, J.

Dear Janis, Please specify some information for us: Have you reinstall the Navision Client Software? What database platform do you run: “Local”, “Navision Database”, “MS SQL Server”? What type of authentication do you use: “Database Server Authentication” or “Windows Authentication”? Do you have a valid user name and password? Regards, Yuri Pokusaev IBS, Senior Consultant NCPS, NCSD +7(095)987-8080

Probably I found the problem. This instalation is Navision database running on Win2000 server. And as I understood the problem is with the service what is running on the server. When I restarted this navision service everything went ok. This alredy is happening second time and I also heard about this problem from other people… J.