Problems with Exporting to Microsoft excel

Then you also need to count… [:O]

i asked him a question and me replied with an answer! what exactly are you trying to prove here? because we do see our primary key in that way!

Dear everyone,

Thanks for all your help.

I found out there are other posted invoices with slash in their external document no but I had no problems exporting these invoices.

Their external document no had characters in them, so these were declared as “String” in their xml files as below:


I opend up the xml file of the problematic invoice using notepad, and the external document no of it was declared as “Number”, since it has only numbers in it.


I changed its type to “String” in the notepad and I could successfully open it with excel.

So the problem was “Number” type external document no. with slash in it.

Shouldn’t it be stored as “String” in the first place in Navision, since it has slash in it?

Can anyone test whether 200606/200607 is being saved as “String” or “Number” in the exported xml file?

Thank you all.

Hey Snam,

In Navision the External Document No. is stored as a special type of Character field that Navision calls a Code field (alphanumeric and numbers only).
You are editing an XML document that has been created with data exported from Navision, you are not seeing the data in Navision.
You need to check the Sytle Sheets that determine how the data is exported from Navision into XML.
Do you have access to the Hot Fixes for Navision?
Is there someone in your company who does have access to them?

As Savid suggested check for Hotfixes for the release of Navision that you are uising; which Version is it?


Hey Jonathan,

I am using Navision 6.0SP1 (6.00.29626).

Since you are suggesting to look for Hotfixes, I guess the Style Sheets are not accessible to me.

I better ask our Navision consultant about the Hotfixes access.

Thanks for your comment.

No problem…

As I remember the Style Sheets apply generically and you can have dedicated Style sheets for specific Forms.

The solution could be as simple as using the most recent Style Sheets!

And my apologies for my poor typing, it’s been a long day here…

Good luck.


Hello, Jonathan.

Sorry for late reply. I have been away for the weekend.

I will play with style sheets.



I just re-import the default style sheet for excel, and the problem is now gone.

It seems that the style sheet in the disk was updated, but it was not properly uploaded.

Thanks for all your help.

Take care~

This thread was really funny to read… [:D]

I was AFK for a week, so missed the the whole fun, but all this ping-pong about keys has nothing to do with snam’s problem.

Slash is one of special symbols in XML syntax, and if put in wrong place, XML file doesn’t validate. If I was here, I could say it at the very begining, but finally you yourself found it - maybe it could happen earlier, if not these poor keys, about which you all so angrily discussed…