Problems with Data per Company table relation

Attain 3.10b - Standard DB Table 1 - Item table. Data per company = yes Table 2 - Parts Cross Reference. Data per company = no Table 2 is built from cross References to item with a validated Table relation to Item. Form 1 - Cross Reference Form with source expression Parts Cross Reference (Table 2). Number of Companies = 4. Issue: Form 1 will display all records in Table 2 regardless of the company for that user. These item records may not exist in each company, in the future, should not include all items from each company. Problem: Is there a method of setting a Relation from Form 1 to display only records in Table 1 that are also in Table 2? I may simply be losing my mind but in a SQL query to this form it would be possible but I cannot seem to figure out the JOIN logic in the Attain standard. [B)] The Item table (Table 1) is around 500,000 records and in companies 3,4 we only require around 20,000 records. I do not want the user’s to become completely confused when the cross reference search displays items that are not in their current company. Any ideas would be helpful. Owen

In table 1 create flow field “Exists Cross Reference” and filter records by this field. It wouldn’t be fast, but it could help.