Problems with BizTalk - E-Mail Notification

Hello you all, There ´s a problem with the Navision BizTalk - E-Mail Notification here. My configuration consists of two Navision Clients, running each on a win2000 domain with BizTalk Server. The b2b document transfer between the two systems works. Orders, quotes e.g. can be sent to and received from the Navision Clients (Vers. 3.60 DE). When e-mail notification is activated, there is errors when a biztalk document is received by a client. Using Database Server authentification to connect to the database in the Navision Client, the following error message appears in the event log when a document is received: “This message is for C/AL Programmers: The call to member SignOn failed. MAPISession returned the following message: Login has failed.” The document is received by the Navision client anyway, but no notification is sent. The other case is using Windows Login to connect to the Navision Database. In that case, the NAS crashes when a biztalk document is received, as can be seen in Navision system check. The document is received, but the NAS has to be restarted in order to continue to work. The funny thing is, when the NAS is restarted, the notification e-mail is sent! And there is no error message in the event log… In both cases the NAS-user is configured as windows login with super-rights. MS provides the following solution:;en-us;q180172 As I am not too much into the technical things, nor C/AL programming, where do I have to change the UserName property in order to make that thing work? Does anyone know help? Thanks a lot in advance, Christian Harms

ok, so a least that works now… i had to change outlook express security settings, i found that in an older thread here in the forum [:D] now there is still a thing: some time afer the NAS started, there is a message in the event log: “The length of the text string exceeds the size of the string buffer”. This happens on both my Client PCs, and i haven´t changed anything in “trigger 99” nor somewhere else in the code… well, data transfer works (i still can´t accept incoming documents though), but maybe someone has an explanation to that anyways? Thanks a lot, Christian

Hi Christian Concerning the string buffer error try the ffw: Deactivate the check suspended queue option in general BizTalk Setup. If the error does not occur anymore, the error is in codeunit Biztalk.Watchdog.CheckBTSSuspendedQueue. As far as I know, there is a bug the Automation Object checking the BTS suspende queue. Regards H