Problems with Bank Reconciliation Report

Back in April of this year, I entered a journal entry for a bank transaction. I did use Account Type “Bank” (I’ve seen posts where the problem was using Account Type “Ledger”). When I did the bank reconciliation for that day (I reconcile daily), AX actually let me reconcile the account with a difference, the amount being this entry. I just printed that bank reconcilaiton report wtih the difference today. It shows the unreconciled transaction and a difference on the very bottom of the same amount. I don’t print these daily, so I did not notice this back in April. The next day, I again reconciled the account. I just printed that bank reconcilation report as well. The next day report still has the unreconciled transaction, but there is not a difference on the bottom of the report. However, my subledger does not agree to my ledger (my ledger is correct). This unreconciled transaction continues every day on the bank reconcilation report, but does not show up as an unreconciled transaction each day when I am actually reconciling the account. How do I get this transaction reconciled??? Any help is greatly appreciated.