Problems with Axapta 3.0 installation (win 2000)

I have now tried installing Axapta 3.0 several times now and keep getting the same error once it has been installed and I first log in. This error message occurs when I go into the CRM module then click " business relations " and causes the program to close immediately. A message appears which says the following files could not be opened : AXHOTLIB.DLL TDSOLclockControl.ocx AxaFiles.DLL Yet all the above files are in their respective folders. Has anyone come across this problem before ? Many thanks Dan

I expect your problem will be to do with the Axapta client software installation or configuration. To narrow things down, here are some questions to consider: When you get the problem, are you running the client software on the server or on a client PC? Did you choose the default directory when installing the client? What is the full path of the folder where these files are installed? Does the user logged on have the necessary access rights to these files in the Windows operating system? Are the DLL’s and Controls properly registered on the client machine? Did you use web deployment? Are you running 2-tier or 3-tier? Regards, Andrew Cowell Connor Software

Thanks for your input Andrew. MS have also told us to install Service Pack 1 of Axapta v3 if this error message occurs. So far this has worked on nearly all the machines we have tried installing this on. Regards Dan

Dan, Can you tell me where to obtain the Service Pack from?