Problems starting Navision on Citrix Sessions

Hy everybody in the last weeks i moved Navision to a SQL 2000 Server and changed all clients up to 3.7 and on a W2003 Server with Citrix Terminal services installed. Unfortunatly i (some Users) got problems starting Navision on the Citrix client. The system hangs at the navision start screen and takes all ressources of one CPU of the Terminal server. When i delete the Zup file i can start navision, but connecting to the company, i’ll get the same error. So i guess the connection to the company occures this problem. If this user opens a new terminal server session on an other PC he can start Navision without any problems. + Disconnecting this session (no logoff) + Navision is still active and + restarting the session on the PC where navision didn’t work = i get an active and full working Navision instance. Even close and restart of Navision is no Problem anymore … until the user logout of this Terminal server session.[xx(] The Problem occures only on some hardware, updating or changing the ICA-Client, using Microsoft RDP, changing Users, deleting Userprofiles did not have any effect. Any ideas are welcome… Bye Stefan

Hi Stefan! I had kind of the same problem as you when converting from 2.00 C/SIDE to 3.70 SQL-base on å system with 40 Citrix-users. One single user could start several clients with his own user, but when another user tried to start his client, the system hang and took all the ressources of the CPUs on the terminal server. I found some others having had the same problem in this topic My NSC had installed an old version of the 3.70-client, but with the new client version ( my problem was gone :slight_smile: Good luck! Øyvind

Your problem is different time zone settings on different users. As long as there is only users within one time zone there’s no problem, but as soon as a user with a different time zone setting log on this occurs. Right? Either You fix the time zones or install the latest hotfix where this is taken care of. //Lars

Thanks for your help, as we have a 3.70.13… version installed a solution is to reinstall navision. Thanx Stefan