Problems found with Attain IDE

I just wanted to publish the problems that I have found with the Attain IDE, so that if anyone else comes to the forum with a problem they should be able to find it. I dont know if anyone wants to add to the list and provided a comprehensive list of know problemws to the IDE 1. Rectangle Shape object does not show on the form designer, but the other shapes do 2. (not reallty IDE but if your playing with some development in this area) If you have a Sale/Purchase line with Line No. 0 the system will crash when you try to delete the header 3. You cannot add more than two text fields together on a source object like this SourceExpr:- T1+T2+T3 4. Automation Controller. If you create a automation controller as a global, and then create another automation controller, Press F8 and change the Class the system will error as it still refrences the original calss and not the new one you specified. Please note this is not a jibe at attain, more to help people not get stuck for about an hour working out what the problem is.

Hi Even, I found one error, that is sometimes when i clik File → Database → Open the dialog window never opens. The way round i do is either select from the List present on the File menu or open the databse directly from the path. I have encountered many a times this problem. thanx Kumar

Hi when you create objects with development license the ids for the functions declared on the user created objects lies in the range 13********, and so when u declare these user created objects in another object(s)the functions are not visible on the cal symbol menu. To overcome this u have to renumber ur function ids from 1 to ****** range. This is a bug which will be fixed in the next version of attain. thanx kumar

To open File->Database->Open I’m using following trick: Select: File->Database->Open Press: Esc, Esc Select: File->Database->Open I think that on first selection NA creates invisible Lisense warning window which is blocking Open window. More bug’s: If you declare var. to uncompiled obj. in design, then you looking (F5) for functions or components, NA couses access violation. Then you create new database with empty tables, after first posting isn’t able to see any posted data in tables. Data is visible only after restarting of NA. Next posts are runing without problems. On win2000 OS FlowFilter is cleared before lookup and control property ClearOnLookup isn’t working In Report list modification form, field Text isn’t used in report list. Now we can use only object translation name in report list. Edited by - db on 2002 Mar 27 08:40:20

Go to the start of a line of code and press backspace. The line you are on moves up one line (as it should do) but the first character of the line gets deleted as well! Cheers, John

John - I believe, though I am yet to test this, that that problem has been resolved in GB3.10A Tony