Problems Emailing and Faxing from batch jobs

I need to setup several reports to run “automatically” as batch jobs and have run into a couple of issues that I thought would be easy now that I’m no longer working in a mainframe environment.

#1 I need to send reports to “email recipients” (like daily sales reports for field sales staff spread all over the ). Does anyone have a trick for doing this??? We’re an Outlook shop (no Exchange Server) and it appears that Outlook needs to be open on the batch server for this to happen. Any way around this or can we send the emails some other way?

#2 I’d like to fax reports to customers (like Sales Order confirmations once a day). Any way to A) identify a customer’s fax number in the report and then B) turn off the Wizard on the fax server so it doesn’t prompt for inputs?

We’re running Axapta 3.0